Provident Metals Introduces Cleopatra in Ultra High Relief

The final Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt, left quite a legacy on the world. Known for her stunning beauty and charm, Cleopatra has been featured in many enthralling works of art by William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and many others, including an opera and a 1963 movie.

Her allure is being exhibited once again thanks to the creativity of Heidi Wastweet, who designed the Cleopatra 2 oz Ultra High Relief silver round from Provident Metals. Showcasing both high relief and incuse elements, this Cleopatra Silver Bullion round features complex design characteristics that have never appeared on bullion coins or rounds before now. 

The obverse shows Cleopatra rising from the field in ultra high-relief fashion. Dressed in full Egyptian garb, the queen gazes off into the distance while resting her hand lightly upon her chest. A snake, known as an asp, slithers out of the design onto Cleopatra’s shoulder and torso – It is believed Cleopatra allowed the asp to bite her in an effort to commit suicide. Shakespeare immortalized the suicide in Antony & Cleopatra with the following quote:

“With thy sharp teeth this knot intrinsicate


Of life at once untie: poor venomous fool


Be angry, and dispatch”


shutterstock_125308454The intricate and innovative obverse continues with the Eye of Horus appearing behind Cleopatra – the unique Eye is designed in both incuse and high relief, which is a creative way to depict the Eye for the first time on bullion. The Eye of Horus was a symbol of power, health and protection, and was often seen carved in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Completing the obverse is a bowl of figs on a table under the Eye of Horus, while a vertical Egyptian cartouche, a series of symbols representing royal lineage, is featured to the right of the design. The hieroglyphics in this cartouche spell out Cleopatra’s name.

The elaborate high relief design continues on the reverse with the goddess Isis shown prominently at the round’s center. The goddess of health, wisdom and marriage is regarded as the reincarnation of Cleopatra following her suicide. A scarab beetle is exhibited on a banner below Isis – the beetle was tasked with rising the sun into the sky at dawn and symbolized great power.

A field stretches across the background that features hieroglyphics extracted from old papyri about Cleopatra. Next to the round’s weight and purity is a pattern found on the outer wall of the Temple of Horus, which represents a bed of lotus reeds blooming on the Nile river.

The enchanting opus from the hands of Wastweet was manufactured at the Elemetal Mint with 2 troy ounces of .999 fine silver. With the mint owning the highest accreditations in the industry, Cleopatra rounds are eligible for placement into Precious Metals IRAs.

Cleopatra – whose full name is Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator – was born in 69 BC and lived until the age of 39. Her reign as queen lasted 21 years. She had very publicized relationships with Julius Caeser and Mark Antony, and after Antony died following defeat from Octavian’s Roman forces, Cleopatra was said to have committed suicide by allowed the asp to inject its poison into her.

What do you think of the intricately designed Cleopatra 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Round?

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