Flowing Hair Dollar Fetches Nearly $5 Million at Auction

Last month, we reported about the upcoming auction of one of the most valuable coin collections in the world. This year, Sotheby’s and Stack’s Bowers began auctioning off coins from the renowned Pogue collection, at its height a complete collection of the over 650 early federal coins minted in the first 50 years of America’s founding.  

Stack’s Bowers, who estimated the collection to be worth over $200 million total, auctioned off part of the collection in May and another section last month. In the last round of coins was a Flowing Hair Dollar minted in 1794.  Auctioneers estimated it would bring $2 million to $5 million at auction – the coin, in fact, sold for nearly $5 million.

Another coin, a 1795 Capped Bust Right Eagle (or Garrett Eagle) sold for a record $2.5 million and is considered to be the finest remaining example of US gold struck in the 1700s.  All in all, the 105-coin sale brought in $26 million. The rest of the coins will be auctioned in 2016 and 2017.  The coin collecting community sees the sale of these coins as a once in a lifetime opportunity for interested buyers.

Brent Pogue, who began collecting coins as a hobby at the age of nine, is considered to be one of the premier coin collectors in the world. His coins are reportedly outstanding examples of proper coin stewardship, with some in the numismatics community using the phrase “Pogue quality” when referring to any exemplary coins.  

At Provident Metals, we have supplies to help keep your own collection in pristine (or in “Pogue”) condition. Whether you see coins as an investment or a hobby, learn more about how to properly handle and care for your coins in our Knowledge Center, or browse our selection of historically significant coins, including pre-33 gold.


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