Gold Bullion Shows Up in Salvation Army Kettles

It turns out that bullion investors aren’t just smart for investing in gold, but they’re also generous. This holiday season, instead of dropping the usual dollar or so into a Salvation Army kettle, people across the United States have been anonymously donating gold coins.  

Here are a few heart-warming examples from across the country:

  • In Midland, Michigan, someone dropped a 1oz South African Krugerrand gold coin in a Salvation Army Kettle. The coin is estimated to be worth $1,100.
  • In Vinton, Iowa, Salvation Army bell ringers discovered, for the second year in a row, a Gold Buffalo coin valued at $1,100. The coin had the word “GOLD” written across the front in black marker and mysterious initial scrawled on the reverse of the coin.
  • In Pompano Beach, Florida, a mystery donor dropped three 1947 Mexican 50-peso gold coins over the course of a month. The coins are worth almost $3,200 total.  The coins were each found wrapped in dollar bill.
  • In Geneva, Illinois, someone left a double eagle Gold Eagle coin during a town Christmas Walk event.

These gold coin donations are a growing tradition with numismatists around the country. For several years now, kettle bell ringers from rural Indiana to busy Boston to the golden hills of California have found these generous gifts in their kettles.

The kettle fund is an annual fundraiser for the Salvation Army.  The funds generated by the kettle fund are used to help the needy throughout the year, and the donation of gold coins significantly increases the number of individuals the Salvation Army can help.  Gold bullion coins, with their high market value, are an extremely generous and unique donation to the organization.

Whether you’re giving gold this holiday season or making a wish list for yourself, Provident Metals has a wide variety of gold and silver bullion available for all, including silver and copper stocking stuffers.


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