RCM Introduces New Coin Series Inspired by Canada’s Fiercest Predators

Few mints in the world create nature-inspired coins better than the Royal Canadian Mint. The RCM recently solidified its grip on this subset of coinage by introducing a new coin series inspired by Canada’s fiercest animals. The RCM Predator Series was presented in February at the World Coin Fair in Berlin, Germany. The Canadian Mint unveiled the first in a series of four .9999 pure silver coins that will feature a newly designed image of Canadian predators.


The first coin announced in the RCM Predator Series is the 2016 1 oz. Canadian Silver Cougar. The coin’s reverse side features the image of a pouncing cougar, accented by a micro-engraved radial lined background that gives life and quality to the coin. Emily Damstra, an artist known for designing some of Canada’s best nature coins, created the image that appears on the coin. The coin also features a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark to ensure uniqueness and security.


This new series was directly inspired by the success of RCM’s “Call of the Wild” gold coin series. This series, still in progress, features the many faces of Canadian predatory animals. The newest addition, the 2016 1 oz Gold Roaring Grizzly Bear, was announced the same day as the Canadian Silver Cougar.


Cougars are the world’s fourth largest cat species. They are known as panthers, pumas, or mountain lions. Their home range extends all over the western hemisphere from Canada all the way to the southern part of Argentina.  With the RCM Predator Series, coin investors and collectors can further expand their precious metal portfolios or coin collections with these pure silver coins. Not only do these coins hold precious metal value, they also look amazing!


Provident Metals is proud to help you add the RCM Predator Series to your collection, as well as serve as an industry-leading authority on silver coin investing. To learn more about silver coins and silver investing, check out Provident Metal’s page dedicated to silver coin information and inventory.


What do you think about RCM’s new series?  Leave your opinion in the comments below!


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