The Royal Canadian Mint: A Commitment to Security

The authenticity of precious metal bullion is a concern shared among dealers and consumers, and The Royal Canadian Mint has developed a number of technologies that decrease the probability of counterfeiting and increase the ease of verification.  In this article we will explore some of RCM’s more recent security initiatives.


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Poured Gold and Silver Bars


rcm-1-kilo-gold-barMost recently, The Royal Canadian Mint has changed the design of their 100 oz Silver Bar and 1 kilo Gold Bar.  Each of these bars is stamped with a unique serial number and RCM’s logo.  To increase the security, and preserve the authenticity of each bar, they have included hallmarked maple leaves on either side of the weight stamp.  The maple leaf has a depressed outline and a raised center, reminiscent of the laser engraved privy mark on the Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins.rcm-100-oz-silver-bar


Additionally, the serial number is now bordered by a series of vertical line, much like the sunburst pattern of radial lines on the gold and silver maple leaf coins.  


Gold and Silver Maples


2016-canadian-silver-mapleIn 2015 The Royal Canadian Mint included a micro-engraved maple leaf privy mark on the reverse, and a sunburst pattern of radial lines in the field on the obverse and reverse of the Gold and Silver 1 oz Canadian Maple Coins.  The privy mark is engraved with proprietary technology, and includes the year of minting at its center.  The micro-engraved radial lines give the field of these coins a unique luster.  The radial lines and privy mark are intended to preclude counterfeit.


Bullion DNA Technology


Over the last two years, The Royal Canadian Mint has been associating specific morphological features on their bullion rounds with the mint and die used to create each round.  Through proprietary technology they have named “Bullion DNA”, The Royal Canadian Mint is able to verify the authenticity of any round created during and after 2014.


Provident Metals is proud to be an authorized Bullion DNA dealer.  A full list of Bullion DNA dealers can be found here.


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