Friday Metals Forum: Brexit and Bullion

On this bright Texas morning, I’m reflecting on the industry I call home. While not the job I had originally planned for (I’m beginning to think no one uses the degree they possess), this is the work that gets me excited to go to the office each morning.  I must give credit largely to the sense of community surrounding the precious metals industry.


I believe a large part of the addictive nature of bullion stacking and investing is the community aspect; for that reason, I’d like to start a Friday blog series where I share some of the latest news in the precious metals industry I find interesting and share my favorite new Provident releases; more importantly, I’d like for YOU, the reader, to share your stories of how you began stacking, what investments you think are best, your favorite finds, and where you think the industry is heading.  In order to take advantage of this aspect of the precious metals universe, I want to hear from you.


When I first began working in the industry, I was blown away by this family-feel. Whether perusing Silverbugs, checking out haul videos, or reading updates on a myriad of message boards dedicated to collecting and stacking, community is key. Stackers looking to show off their latest purchases, collectors sharing stories of unique coins found in their change, and new investors seeking advice on the smart way to buy bullion fill online channels and bring together scores of bullion buyers, worldwide.


This week, I am absolutely loving the new release in the Egyptian Gods series. Can we all agree Anubis hasn’t had a diet cheat-day, ever? If you haven’t started your collection of ultra high relief rounds, this round is a great way to start. Throw in a Cleopatra if you want a truly seductive round.


You probably guessed today’s topic: Brexit. In the aftermath of the historic June 23rd referendum, what do you think the short and long term impacts on precious metals will be? How does the American and the global precious metals investor fare in the new European landscape? We’ve already seen a volatile gold and silver market with metals reaching peaks not seen in years. Would you have chosen to Brexit or Bremain?


3ce5199Let’s hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you have any topics you’d like to discuss. Happy stacking!




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