Metals, She Wrote: A Family Affair

Good Friday, fellow bullion fans. I must start this week’s post by saying I was thrilled to have the interaction from y’all for the introductory post in this Friday series. As a result of one clever post by user, Silver Chronic, the series has undergone a name change- Metals, She Wrote. Shout out to fans of Angela Lansbury. You are the true heroes.


I had tossed around a few ideas for this week’s topic, but sadly, I then experienced the loss of a family member. My focus changed a bit, and the more I thought about family and the unique traditions each possesses, the more I kept returning to coin collecting. I mentioned in the comments of my last blog that my grandfather worked on the railroads for 40 years. Before I knew that, I had a fascination with trains. Upon his passing, I inherited some of the most stunning memorabilia dedicated to one of the earliest means of extensive transportation. To honor him, I am adding the Train 5 oz Silver Antiqued Hobo Nickel to my collection.


For many, their story is the same; rather than trains, however, those cherished moments with loved ones revolved around collecting rare and historical coins. Nights spent under a magnifying glass, with dad, mom, grandfather, uncle, etc., passing on their passion for stunning bullion. Days spent at coin shows filled with excited children looking to make their first big find will forever be etched in the memories of the teacher and the student.


Family is forever; your physical flesh and blood might not always be there to examine your latest haul, but the passion of examining coins and the memories spent pouring over change buckets in search of that “one coin” you need to complete your set will forever remain.


3ce5199So, tell me how you started collecting. Did a family member play a role? Do you want to start a new tradition with a loved one? What’s your favorite family memory while collecting?




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