Metals, She Wrote: Coins for the Ages

Good afternoon fellow bullion lovers! I must admit this blog has become a highlight of my week. I love hearing your unique stories regarding finds and family. This week will be a little interesting, and I’m looking forward to seeing your responses.


History tells us the first type of standardized coins were used between 700-500 BC. That means we’ve used coins for currency for over 2,500 years. In that time, the evolution of coinage has seen significant variations in shape, size, color, metal, design, etc. With the plethora of stunning coins throughout the ages, which is your favorite?


In a coin collector’s perfect world, what coin would you add to your collection? Why? Is there historical significance that appeals to you? Does the design stand out as a must have? Was the coin used in a favorite literary work?


I have thought about this a great deal, and I think I would choose the “Widow’s Mite.” While these coins held very little value, the significance of the offering (story linked above) is why I find the coins incredible.


 My favorite Provident Metals’ coin is the 2016 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Mark V Tank Privy. My father is Canadian and passed his love for history to me, so this coin is the perfect combination of beauty, history, and quality craftsmanship.


So, here’s where I’d like your input. What coin do you find most fascinating and why? Have you been able to add the coin to your collection?


Don’t forget to check out the multitude of stunning, historical coins from Provident Metals; you might just find the one you’re looking for!


3ce5199Happy Stacking!










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