Metals, She Wrote: The Highs and Lows

As you likely know, Provident Metals is headquartered in Texas. There is a saying here, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes; it’ll change.” This week, we experienced a downpour in the middle of a beautiful, sunny afternoon.


In situations of unpredictable circumstances, what is the driving force behind your decisions? A comparison can easily be drawn between uncertain weather conditions and the fluctuating stock market.


Financial planning is not my business, but in my mind, hedging your portfolio by adding precious metals is a wise decision, right? It’s the only commodity to have actual face value as currency in addition to holding potential for an even greater return. Obviously, I have motivation to sell precious metals as a smart investment, but here you are on the blog of a bullion business; so, you must have some interest, whether vested or not, in precious metals.


For long time investors in bullion, what has your experience been with the massive changes in spot prices? What causes you to buy or sell in the market (aside from collector motivations)?


For the new investors, what led to your decision to toe the water and begin diversifying your portfolio? Which precious metals investments do you feel at ease with, and which cause concern?


If you are just thinking of expanding your IRA to include precious metals, what information is most important to you? What questions do you want answered before joining the stacker nation?


Like the fickle Texas weather, the market can change rapidly; make sure you’re prepared for whatever it brings. Always have an umbrella in your car and prepare for the future with wise investing.


Ha3ce5199ppy Stacking!




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