Metals, She Wrote: Election Year

Well, this is a terrifying topic to broach.


You might have heard already, but it’s 2016, and that means it’s an election year. That’s right; it’s one of those magical times that happens every 4 years where coworkers suddenly become economists and political gurus. Social issue debates cause half of your Facebook friends’ list to magically disappear.


What does that have to do with precious metals?…you might ask. The economists already know, but for everyone else, the election plays an enormous role in the future of bullion spot prices. Public perception of the nominated candidates and their fiscal policies affects the way investors purchase these age-old commodities.


I won’t get into the candidates and their political views, but I would like to know how the upcoming election is affecting the way you stack.


Has excitement or fear of the election caused a change in your purchasing? If it hasn’t yet, do you think it will? If it has, what changes are you making?


Personally, my buying habits have not seen much change…yet. However, I can see myself being persuaded to add a little bit more protection to my portfolio in the upcoming days. It can’t hurt, right? 2016_1_oz_american_silver_eagle


My go-to investment piece is the 2016 American Silver Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin. Besides having an attractive patriotic design, it is legal tender, guaranteed by the US government. It’s an efficient, classic way to hedge against inflation, and that is why I like it.


Let me know your thoughts on the election and what affect it’s had on your bullion buying.




Happy Stacking!




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