Debt Bubble in Ireland and Globally Sees Wealthy Diversify Into Gold

Mark O’Byrne, Research Director of GoldCore, was interviewed by Max Keiser about the arrival of negative interest rates in Ireland and Germany, the risk of bail-ins, the return of a rental and property bubble in Dublin, the Irish and global debt bubble and why wealthy individuals and institutions are diversifying into gold.

markobyrneMark O’Byrne interviewed by Max Keiser – Starts 12:24 – Watch here 

Key points in the interview are:

– Groupthink in Ireland and internationally with few questioning the “recovery narrative”

– Irish government, like the U.S. and most western countries, is technically insolvent but this is masked by “statistical manipulation”

– Ireland ‘s national debt is €185 billion – down to 91% of GNP – this sounds good but totally bogus as excludes all future pensions liabilities – state and private

– Irish state pensions not included and they alone add another €100 billion – pushes debt to GNP ratio over 150%

– Non state, private pension liabilities in Ireland are estimated to be roughly another €80 billion

– Irish banks weakest in EU as seen in stress tests. Therefore real risk of deposit bail-ins

– Real risk of another global financial crisis given “astronomical” debt levels throughout the western world

– Wealthiest investors and largest institutions in the world, including Lord Rothchilds and insurance company Munich Re, are diversifying into gold

Interview with Mark O’Byrne starts at 12.24 and can be watched here:

Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

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Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

31Aug: USD 1,314.45, GBP 1,000.30 & EUR 1,179.19 per ounce

30Aug: USD 1,318.85, GBP 1,008.39 & EUR 1,180.90 per ounce

26Aug: USD 1,324.90, GBP 1,002.95 & EUR 1,173.33 per ounce

25Aug: USD 1,324.50, GBP 1,001.06 & EUR 1,172.98 per ounce

24Aug: USD 1,337.30, GBP 1,010.73 & EUR 1,185.38 per ounce

23Aug: USD 1,338.50, GBP 1,015.25 & EUR 1,181.09 per ounce

22Aug: USD 1,334.30, GBP 1,018.20 & EUR 1,181.26 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

31Aug: USD 18.74, GBP 14.27 & EUR 16.82 per ounce

30Aug: USD 18.78, GBP 14.35 & EUR 16.82 per ounce

26Aug: USD 18.67, GBP 14.15 & EUR 16.54 per ounce

25Aug: USD 18.50, GBP 14.02 & EUR 16.39 per ounce

24Aug: USD 18.84, GBP 14.23 & EUR 16.70 per ounce

23Aug: USD 18.98, GBP 14.40 & EUR 16.75 per ounce

22Aug: USD 18.91, GBP 14.45 & EUR 16.74 per ounce

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