An Artist, A Patriot: Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.

I’m proud to be an American sculptor.  I have an enormous respect for our American wildlife, and I was very pleased to have had the opportunity to capture both its power and beauty in this series.” –Thomas D. Rogers, Sr.

Periodically, I am fortunate enough to discuss the creations of the brilliant artists employed to design our stunning bullion rounds and bars. Most recently, I caught up with Thomas D. Rogers, Sr., the sculptor behind the newest series from Provident Metals: the American Wildlife Series.

Before touching on the awe-inspiring series itself, I’d like to give a little background info on the life of this prolific artist. Originally from New York, Tom answered the calling to become a patriot and serve in the United States Navy. After his service, he earned an A.A.S. degree in Commercial Art and Advertising; his first experience in designing coin art came during his work at a medallic art company where he began as a sketch artist.

While contracting artists created designs in plaster, many lacked the ability to perfect plaster lettering- this was Tom’s first introduction to working with plaster. From there, Tom left to begin a freelance sculpting career, and developed his unique reverse sculpting style.  Tom won a national competition for the design and sculpt of the reverse for the American Numismatic Association’s 100th Anniversary medal.thomas_rogers

Experience and passion landed Tom a position as a sculptor and engraver for the US Mint. Ten years of designing and sculpting United States medals, Commemorative coins, and circulating coins for our currency earned Tom great regard in the eyes of his peers.

Eventually, Tom decided to return to freelance design to create requested designs and series for private and public mints. Luckily for Provident Metals, Tom was thrilled to create a series dedicated to American Wildlife- another passion of his.

Inspiration for the series came greatly from visiting the idyllic scenes captured on the 10-round series, while others were inspired by  photographs taken of some of the most beloved national parks. Each design pays homage to the tranquility of nature and majesty of its inhabitants.Bald Eagle AWS

When asked what his favorite round in the series is, Tom answered with certainty- the Bald Eagle. Perhaps fueled by patriotism for our national bird, Tom has a distinct fondness for the regal creature. While each obverse features a unique animal and scene, the reverse for each round is the same. Reverse AWS

An especially interesting fact about Tom’s designs is the process by which he creates them. Rather than using clay to build up an image on plaster, Tom utilizes a more traditional process, wherein he reverse carves a design into the plaster- a technique requiring great skill and artistry.

Provident Metals is excited to release the 10 exquisite designs from Tom Rogers Sr., in silver and copper offerings.  Each copper and silver design has a limited mintage of 10,000, so place your order while the limited supply lasts!


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