Jan Skoyles Appointed Research Executive At GoldCore

(Media Release – September 8, 2016 – Immediate Release) – Jan Skoyles –  has been appointed Research Executive  at international gold specialist @GoldCore .

As a recognized thought leader in the gold and fintech space, Jan will augment GoldCore’s research capabilities and will focus on the UK economy and gold’s role as an important diversification, payment and savings vehicle.


As one of the world’s largest and fastest growing gold bullion delivery and storage providers, GoldCore continues to focus on educating its large client and subscriber base, social media following and the wider public of the importance of owning physical gold for diversification and financial insurance purposes.

Jan Skoyles became interested in precious metals and financial technology when she wrote her dissertation on the use of gold and silver in modern monetary systems. Following graduation in 2011, she joined UK gold investment platform, The Real Asset Co, as a co-founder and Head of Research. Her work and views on both gold and fintech have been featured on a range of media including the BBC, Reuters, RT, Wall Street Journal, Al Arabiya, Forbes and The Telegraph, as well as her own online investment show, Get Real.

Jan was made CEO of The Real Asset Company in June 2014 before stepping down to work with London’s fintech start-ups including the first London listed blockchain company, Coinsilium Group in 2015. She is frequently asked to speak at events on the future uses of blockchain technology in the investment, savings and payments space. In 2016, Jan moved to the UAE where she is a partner at Barlings Consulting, an investment and financial technology consultancy.

“Jan’s knowledge of the precious metal market and her understanding of money, past and present, will help GoldCore in furthering our mission to become one of the largest gold delivery and storage providers in the world,” said Mark O’Byrne, Research Director.

According to O’Byrne, “gold continues to be an important diversification and wealth preservation tool. It is a hedging instrument and safe haven asset and will protect and grow wealth in the coming years.”

“I have known Mark and the GoldCore team pretty much since I first started out in 2011 and I have always admired their research and approach to offering precious metals investment,”Jan Skoyles said.

Jan continued “with gold and silver having an excellent year and GoldCore’s fantastic plans and reputation I can’t think of a better time to be re-entering the precious metal space and am delighted that I am able to do so with Mark and the team. I am looking forward to building upon the high-level research and commentary that GoldCore clients and communities currently enjoy, as well as bringing fresh insights into this period of technological and financial change.”

About GoldCore

GoldCore are one of the leading gold brokers and storage providers in the world. Founded in 2003, the company specialises in allocated and segregated coin and bar ownership. It has over 5,000 clients in over 50 countries, with over $145 million in gold and silver bullion assets under management & storage. GoldCore offer retail, HNW, and institutional investors including family offices, gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion for storage in the safest vaults in the world – in London, Zurich, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

GoldCore Secure Storage is setting the benchmark in terms of ultra-secure gold and silver storage with allocated and importantly segregated storage for clients who have outright legal ownership of individual coins and bars.

For more information on GoldCore, please visit www.GoldCore.com or contact

Mark O’Byrne, Research  Director of Goldcore Limited


For more information about Jan – follow her on Twitter and Linkedin

Telephone: 01 632 5010 (IRL)       0044 0203 086 9200 (UK)      1 302 635 1160 (US)


Gold and Silver Bullion – News and Commentary

Gold steady as dollar slips; ECB in focus (Reuters)

Gold Holds Near Three-Week High as Odds Drop for Fed Rate Rise (Bloomberg)

Gold prices higher in Asia as China surprises with import gains (Investing)

Investors Pile Into Gold ETFs on Dimming Outlook for Rate Hike (Bloomberg)

Volatile gold demand tarnishes U.S. commodity fund sales (Reuters)


Gold price to reach new heights on increased global stimulus, negative rates (FinancialPost)

When they say ‘hoarding’ instead of ‘saving’ you know you’re in trouble (SovereignMan)

The Swiss Begin To Hoard Cash (ZeroHedge)

Financial “Matrix Exposed” (FirstRebuttal)

Current Situation is bad – Don’t Make It Worse (RTE)

Gold Prices (LBMA AM)

08 Sep: USD 1,348.00, GBP 1,009.11 & EUR 1,195.81 per ounce

07 Sep: USD 1,348.75, GBP 1,008.60 & EUR 1,199.85 per ounce

06 Sep: USD 1,330.05, GBP 1,997.94 & EUR 1,191.46 per ounce

05 Sep: USD 1,328.30, GBP 1,996.23 & EUR 1,189.49 per ounce

02 Sep: USD 1,311.50, GBP 1,987.95 & EUR 1,172.74 per ounce

01 Sep: USD 1,305.70, GBP 1,985.80 & EUR 1,172.13 per ounce

31 Aug: USD 1,314.45, GBP 1,000.30 & EUR 1,179.19 per ounce

Silver Prices (LBMA)

08 Sep: USD 19.93, GBP 14.90 & EUR 17.65 per ounce

07 Sep: USD 19.92, GBP 14.89 & EUR 17.71 per ounce

06 Sep: USD 19.60, GBP 14.70 & EUR 17.55 per ounce

05 Sep: USD 19.46, GBP 14.60 & EUR 17.43 per ounce

02 Sep: USD 18.75, GBP 14.15 & EUR 16.76 per ounce

01 Sep: USD 18.65, GBP 14.08 & EUR 16.73 per ounce

31 Aug: USD 18.74, GBP 14.27 & EUR 16.82 per ounce

Recent Market Updates

– Silver Bullion Surges 3.5% To Over $20/oz

– Ireland “Especially Exposed” To “International Shocks” Warns Central Bank

– Deutsche Bank Tries To Explain Failure To Deliver Physical Gold

– Physical Gold Delivery Failure By German Banks

– Avoid Paper Gold – “Gold Delivery” Refused By Gold Exchange Traded Commodity

– Debt Bubble in Ireland and Globally Sees Wealthy Diversify Into Gold

– “Why Case Against Gold Is Wrong” – James Rickards

– Obama To Leave $20 Trillion Debt Crisis For Clinton Or Trump

– Gold Bullion Averages Biggest Seasonal Gains in September Over Past 20 Years

– Gold Futures See Massive $1.5 Billion “Non Profit” Liquidation In “One Minute”

– Jim Grant Is “Very Bullish On Gold”

– Germans Warned To ‘Stockpile’ Cash In Case Of ‘War’

– Ireland’s Biggest Bank Charging Depositors – Negative Interest Rate Madness

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