Metals, She Wrote: For All the Fanboys and Fangirls

I’ve shared a few of my passions on this blog- Aggie football, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and of course, bullion. I was raised wearing maroon and white and listening to good music.

For any Aggie legend to appear on a shiny silver or gold round would mean my limited supply of paper currency would be gone in a heartbeat. I would purchase every John David Crow silver round, each Dat Nguyen gold bar, and all the Von Miller bullion my paycheck would allow.

Everyone is passionate about at least one book, movie, musician, or hobby. There is a bullion series just waiting to be created based on your personal interests.

Perhaps the Egyptian Gods series tickled your fancy. Maybe the new American Music Icons is your jam (ha, get it?). If you are prepping for the Apocalypse, you probably love the Zombucks series. 

So, what historical time frame would make a great series? What musician deserves to be featured next in the American Music Icon series? What sport, book series, factual or fictional character would look brilliant on bullion?

Let me know in the comments. How long have you loved ___? Why is it special to you? Can we steal your idea for the series?silverbugs-kraken-1-oz-silver-proof-02

Personally, aside from my yet-to-be-made Aggie football series, I am digging the Welcome to Silverbug Island Series. I like that the designs are chosen by the Reddit Silverbug community. It feels like family voting on the Christmas card theme. The tagline, “Hold it – Own it,” is every bullion fan’s war cry.

So, talk to me, stackers. What series should be next?

3ce5199Happy Stacking!



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