Going for Gold with a DC Superhero

For centuries, gold has been equated to wealth, power, and status. This practice started back with the ancient Egyptians, who adorned the tombs of pharaohs with golden artifacts, and continues today with people wearing gold jewelry and investing in gold bullion. It’s a tradition that carries on to the 25th century in the DC Comics universe, when an ordinary man named Michael Jon Carter decides to reinvent himself as a superhero called Goldstar.

Born into poverty in 2442, Carter grew dissatisfied with his life. He used his time spent as a security guard at the Metropolis Space Museum to study the famous superheroes of the 20th century. Immersed in these tales, he stole technology that was on display at the museum-including a suit that gave him super strength and a security robot named Skeets that contained historical records-and traveled back in time to become one of the heroes he admired.

powCarter’s first act of heroism was saving the US president from a villain named The Chiller, which earned him the instant fame he sought. He planned to use this moment to announce himself as Goldstar, the superhero alias he concocted to represent his newfound celebrity status. But during an interview with the media, he got too nervous and mixed up the alias with his old football nickname of Booster. The president interpreted his name to be Booster Gold, which stuck through his heroic career.

Booster Gold’s suit featured a brilliant yellow-gold as one the main colors, along with matching goggles. He quickly acquired wealth and continued to use his knowledge of future events (which were historical to him) to fight crime in Metropolis, even attempting to fill in for Superman when he disappeared for a period of time. Driven by fame and riches, Booster Gold at one point hired an actor to pose as a villain for him to “defeat.”

shutterstock_459533956Booster’s hero-for-profit attitude fueled his early superhero career, which was a stark contrast from his humble upbringing. The fact that he chose gold as his alias was no accident. He knew the value of gold and applied it to his new image when he created it. And he found the success he longed for, gaining notoriety and becoming a member of the Justice League along with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other heroes that he studied back in his own time. As he adjusted to his new crime-fighting lifestyle, Booster Gold later became a true hero who fought for good rather than money.

Though he went to great lengths to become a superhero, Booster Gold’s quest for fortune and fame isn’t terribly different from many other characters in pop culture. Among those characters are the treasure hunters featured in classic movies like The Goonies and the Indiana Jones franchise. Countless movies, books, TV shows, and comics have been created around the notion of seeking gold and other treasures.

rcm-superman-coin-02While traveling back in time or going on a treasure hunt isn’t exactly part of your daily schedule, you can still contribute to your own financial success with smart investing. Is gold in your sights? Add to your own personal treasure collection by purchasing gold or silver bullion. A great place to begin investing in precious metals for comic lovers is the Silver Superman S-Shield coin.

Booster Gold may not be among the most well-known characters in mainstream superhero culture, but he has a unique backstory that continues to grow and develop within DC Comics.

If you’re a fan of superheroes, you surely have a favorite. Do you root for clean cut heroes like Superman, or do you prefer the darker heroes like Batman? Let us know in the comments section below!


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