Daily Spot Price Update 10/25/2016

Metal Spot Price Open Spot Price Close Change
Gold $1267.25 $1276.96 + $9.71
Silver $17.70 $17.89 + $0.19
Platinum $950.00 $970.40 + $20.40
Palladium $640.75 $637.68 – $3.07


Palladium saw a small decrease on 10/25. The other metals all climbed, with platinum experiencing quite a steep rise.

Improving Investor Confidence

The State Street Investor Confidence Index, which measures confidence by looking at the changes in investment portfolios, rose 3.6 points in October. This rise was driven by increases in all of the three published components: North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The weight of these components varies month to month, based on investment activity.

Silver on the Rise

European manufacturing data has contributed to a rise in silver prices, leading to a two-week high. In fact, several metals with industrial uses-including copper-have seen an increased demand outlook. This demand has been rekindled after a slump of slower global industrial demand.


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