Colorized Norse Gods Exclusively from Provident Metals

For hundreds of years, Norse mythology has captivated scholars and supplied ample material for movie makers and storytellers to create brilliant works of art.

Now, you can own a piece of the beauty with the new series from Provident Metals- the Norse Gods

Exclusively through Provident, you can add a colorized version of this striking series, with artwork created by Howard David Johnson, produced by Anonymous Mint, and presented by Julie Lindquist. Each round is composed of .999 fine silver and adds investment grade beauty to your IRA. Embrace the wonder of the Viking people with the Nordic Creatures and the Norse Gods

The legends of the Norse gods began during the time of the Vikings in the late 700s- early 1100s. The people of the time developed a rich heritage of mythological stories, though it was not until 1200 that these tales were extensively recorded.

The most prominent and revered god in Norse mythology is Odin, known as the “All-Father.”Odin (1) He makes an impressive appearance on the first round, alongside his trusted animal companions- ravens, Huninn and Muginn and wolves, Geri and Freki. The mountainous terrain of Asgard appears in brilliant color behind the silver god and his wolves. Odin’s ravens are displayed in a rich black, masterfully connecting the device and the field of the round.

ThorSecond in the series is Thor, the God of Thunder. Thor appears battle-ready, wielding his supernaturally strong hammer, Mjolnir. From the tip of the hammer, blue lightning emanates into a stormy sky. On one side of the round, the sky appears on fire from the wrath of the god, while the other depicts brilliant blue skies not yet touched by Thor’s might.

Not left out of the Norse Gods series are the beautiful and powerful women of Norse mythology.Hel The third release features Hel, Goddess of Death. This frightening goddess sits upon her throne with a host of damned souls looming behind her. A blueish-grey mist encircling the creeping, dead figures creates an ominous feel, able to spook even the most pious of individuals.

FreyaNext comes Freya, a more pleasant goddess. Freya is a free spirited goddess, known for fertility, beauty, and pleasure. From her name, we have the English word, Friday, or “Freya-day.” This Goddess of Love appears confident and powerful upon her cat-drawn, golden chariot. The stunning blue skies and majestic snowy mountains behind Freya create a wonderfully tranquil round.

The final release in the series is Loki, the God of Mischief. He appears on his round alongside a fish- referencing his shape shifting abilities. Because he was so mischievous Lokiand often used his ability to change forms to trick the gods, he was disliked by many. One evening, the gods held a banquet to honor the one of their own, Balder. Loki was not invited due to other’s distaste for him; however, he shifted into the form of a fish and made an appearance at the celebration. Loki and his fish are seen in stunning silver, while the field is filled with rich color.

Odin3Each of the five rounds shares a common, spectacular reverse. The Valkyrie were warrior maidens whose call was to ride through battlefields and keep a watchful eye of the warriors. She was called the “Chooser of the Slain,” as she chose which of the slain would pass to Odin’s Hall, Valhalla. At Valhalla, the fallen heroes feasted until the day of Ragnarok, when they would once again battle. The reverse captures one of the majestic Valkyrie atop her steed, dressed for the battlefield.

The colorized Norse Gods from Provident Metals will be offered as 1 oz rounds to add high quality bullion to your portfolio of brilliantly designed silver. Start your collection with the Odin 1 oz Colorized Silver Round, today!


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