Daily Spot Price Update 11/14/2016

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1218.35 $1226.10 + $7.75
Silver $17.27 $17.04 – $0.23
Platinum $944.05 $948.25 + $4.20
Palladium $674.15 $699.00 + $24.85


Silver took a small dip on 11/14, while all other metals saw an increase. Palladium experienced the greatest rise.

Gold’s Dipping Value

Gold prices hit a 5-month low early this week, dropping over $100 from last week’s brief post-election spike. Many financial professionals predicted a massive increase in gold prices if Trump won the presidential election; however, the increase was very short-lived before gold dropped back down. Meanwhile, the US dollar has reached a 10-month high. This comes amongst several economic factors. For example, crude oil prices reached an 3.5-month low. Additionally, world stock markets are doing well and investors remain upbeat.


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