Daily Spot Price Update 12/20/2016

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1137.75 $1138.10 + $0.35
Silver $16.05 $16.22 + $0.17
Platinum $923.45 $925.75 + $2.30
Palladium $676.00 $668.50 – $7.50


Palladium took a dip on 12/20, while all other metals increased slightly.

Is Inflation on the Way?

A Trump presidency could give way to increasing inflation. The president elect is expected to push for big spending on infrastructure, which the US may need to finance through debt. We just saw a Fed rate increase, with more expected during 2017. These higher rates could impact how much people pay for mortgages and other loans. Additionally, the prices of many commodities like oil are on the rise. Inflation isn’t necessarily a problem, so long as the dollar grows in strength and the economy picks up steam at a faster pace. However, what’s good in the short-term may not work out as time passes.


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