Avoid the Clink by Investing with Provident Metals

It’s nearly 2017, and for many, times can be economically tough. You might have considered ways to cut back on expenses, like clipping coupons, eating at home more often, or getting new quotes on your car insurance.

These are all normal responses to solving potential money problems.

I’d like to highlight some “not so normal” responses. Some of you might have heard of the recent theft in New York where a man picked up an 86 lb bucket of gold flakes from the back of an unattended armored car, valued at $1.6 million. That is not an acceptable solution to fixing a money shortage.

Another recent story highlights the unusual money making decision one Royal Canadian Mint employee made; rather than purchase RCM bullion, Leston Lawrence decided to smuggle gold from his workplace via his rectum. Surely, a garage sale or selling unwanted items on eBay had to be a better plan.

In Colorado, an embalmer was charged with stealing gold crowns from the bodies of those he was tasked with preparing for burial. For years, he would remove golden crown clad teeth and pawn the precious metal. Eventually, a shop became suspicious how the man was able to obtain so many gold crowns, and an investigation led to his arrest.

For you stackers, you might want to keep an eye on your neighbors. One Virginia man found out the hard way when, one day, he suddenly realized his abundance of precious metals had severely dwindled. His $2 million stack had been stolen by his neighbor who had occasionally helped watch his dog and knew about the stash.

Gold and silver are great commodities to acquire, but we recommend you go about owning them in a more legal fashion. There’s no need to commit a felony, or embarrass yourself on the front page of the paper, to start investing in precious metals.

Silver Canadian Maple LeafEach week, Provident offers a new set of deals at industry low prices. Check out our Weekly Deals page to build your stack without risking jail time.

Check out one of our most popular deals this week- the 2016 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf; these bullion coins make a beautiful addition to your precious metals IRA!


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