New Year, New Coins

The start of a new year is full of exciting opportunities. It’s a chance to get your fitness goals back on track, or commit more time to loved ones. January gives people the push they sometimes need to wash away what no longer works in favor of new routines that contribute to healthier, happier lives. It just so happens that the new year also provides a great opportunity to add to your precious metal bullion collection.

If investing interests you, then you’ll probably want to set your financial goals early in the year. Provident can help you achieve those goals with our catalog of silver and gold bullion products for 2017. Each year, sovereign mints across the globe release new coins. A few of the most popular coins with an annual release include the following.

  • american silver eagle2017 American Silver or Gold Eagle: Internationally recognized for its quality and purity, this coin features Lady Liberty on the obverse and a bald eagle on the reverse.


  • canadian silver maple leaf2017 Canadian Silver or Gold Maple Leaf: Made with the Royal Canadian Mint’s proprietary bullion DNA technology, Queen Elizabeth II decorates the obverse of this coin and the reverse contains the iconic maple leaf.


  • British silver britannia2017 Silver or Gold Britannia: Produced annually since 1997, the obverse of this coin features Queen Elizabeth II and the reverse showcases Britannia, the female embodiment of Great Britain.


  • chinese silver panda2017 Chinese Silver or Gold Panda: Measured in grams as opposed to ounces, this coin features the Temple of Heaven on the obverse and a seated panda on the reverse.


  • australian silver kangaroo2017 Australian Silver or Gold Kangaroo: Just one of Australia’s bullion coins, the obverse features Queen Elizabeth II and the country’s iconic kangaroo is found on the reverse.


  • mexican silver libertad2017 Mexican Silver Libertad: Based on a historical Mexican coin, this modern version has a series of Mexican seals on the obverse and the Victory Angel on the reverse.


  • austrian silver philharmonic2017 Austrian Silver Philharmonic: Representing Austria’s rich musical culture, you’ll find The Great Organ on the obverse and an array of orchestral instruments on the reverse.


  • silver lunar year of the rooster2017 Silver or Gold Year of the Rooster: Part of Perth Mint’s Lunar series, this coin features Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and a rooster with his hen and chicks on the reverse.

In addition to these well-known sovereign coins with new 2017 releases, Provident is proud to offer several privately minted bullion series that will extend into the new year. Collecting each piece in a series is a great way to add value to your bullion portfolio, while representing your interests and hobbies at the same time. A few of our ongoing series include the following.

  • nordic-creatures-dragon-nidhoggr-photos-02Nordic Creatures: This series, once complete, will contain five rounds in both silver and copper that each feature a creature from Nordic mythology. You can buy Nidhoggr and Frost Giant now. Sleipnir, Garm, and the Great Eagle are coming soon.


  • odinNorse Gods: Like the Nordic Creatures series, the Norse Gods series will also contain five rounds once complete. Each silver round is brilliantly colorized to bring the designs to life. You can currently buy Odin and Thor. Hel, Freya, and Loki are coming soon.

It’s our hope that this guide to 2017 bullion helps you and your family achieve some of your goals for the new year. Apart from investing, what are some other new year’s resolutions you’ve made?


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