Daily Spot Price Update 1/11/2017

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1190.08 $1199.36 + $9.28
Silver $16.88 $16.86 – $0.02
Platinum $983.05 $987.15 + $4.10
Palladium $768.25 $760.15 – $8.10


Silver and palladium decreased on 1/11, while gold and platinum both increased.

Things are Looking Good for Small Businesses

The recession hit small business owners hard, but a brighter future is hopefully on the horizon. The small business optimism index rose to 105.8 in December, which marks a 12-year high and the biggest one month gain since 1980. This follows a report that states consumer confidence has hit a 15-year high. Many small businesses are now expecting to see more expansion, capital spending, and higher wages in the near future. In fact, these expectations for better business conditions rose to a whopping 50 percent in December, which is a huge leap from 12 percent in November.


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