Nordic Creatures Fourth Beast: Garm, The Hellhound

Provident Metals is proud to present the 4th release in the Nordic Creatures Series: Garm, the Hellhound. This beautiful silver round features a highly detailed rendering of Garm as he guards the gates of Helheim.

According to Norse mythology, Garm is bound to guard the gates under the direction of the goddess, Hel. On occasion, Garm is released into the world of the living to terrorize its inhabitants for the amusement of Hel.  Aside from these temporary forays into the mortal realms, Garm will remain chained to the gates of Helheim until his chains are broken, and the great day of Ragnarok is ushered in.

The Anonymous Mint has perfectly captured this terrifying beast on this one troy ounce .999 fine silver round. Garm fixes his blood-red eyes on Hel’s visitors while bearing his fearsome fangs. Flames and smoke billow behind the beast and massive chains ensure he is restrained.

1 oz Silver GarmThis beautiful design is available as a 1 oz Proof silver round, 1 oz Antiqued silver round, 5 oz Proof silver round, 5 oz Antiqued silver round, and 1 oz Copper round. Each round is designed by the masterful Howard David Johnson and is presented by Anonymous Mint. 

While the obverse features a nightmarish scene, the reverse is the epitome of serenity. Woodland creatures gather around Yggdrasil, the World Tree. The bountiful foliage provides a meal for an elk that is accompanied by a raven and a serpent.1 oz Silver Garm

The 5 oz silver rounds have a limited mintage of 500, the 1 oz silver rounds of 2,000, and the copper rounds of 100,000. Each silver round features a unique edge number and includes a certificate of authenticity that displays the round’s original artwork. Each silver round is sealed in a plastic capsule.

These IRA eligible silver rounds from the Nordic Creatures Series are a creative way to add bullion to your portfolio.

If you are an investor or collector of quality bullion and artistic design, Garm – the Hellhound is an incredible way to grow your portfolio. Pick up yours before they run out!


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