Introducing the 2017 Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf

Just in from our friendly northern neighbors is the 2017 1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf.

The 1 oz coin is composed of .9995 fine platinum, featuring the iconic Maple Leaf design that so many have come to cherish. Each IRA eligible coin is a valuable valuable way to diversify your investment portfolio.

2017 has been kind to platinum thus far; it for the most improved metal from 2016. A combination of factors have investors predicting a bullish year for the platinum group metals, specifically platinum. The increasing industrial need for platinum and the declining mining output create the perfect conditions for a decreased gold to platinum ratio, which currently sits at roughly 1.2.

Platinum is highly utilized by the automotive industry, which stands to see impressive growth in the upcoming year. Also used in jewelry, medical supplies, electrical devices, and much more, platinum is a phenomenal investment choice for its beauty and utility.

The Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf was first minted in 1988. The coin displays a $50 face value, though its intrinsic value far outweighs this. The reverse displays national symbol of Canada- the maple leaf, while the obverse features the 2003, Susanna Blunt rendition of Queen Elizabeth II’s effigy.  Unique security features for which the Royal Canadian Mint is known are featured on the CPM; radial lines emanating from the center of the coin, and a micro engraved privy mark offer protection and beauty,  making the coin virtually counterfeit-proof.

If you have considered toeing the waters of platinum investing, the 2017 1 oz Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf is an excellent choice to diversify and fortify your portfolio.




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