Weekly Provident Report: March 6 – March 10

Silver: Silver open this week at $17.93 USD, and then dropped steadily to conclude the week at $17.03 USD (5.1% decrease).

Gold: Gold opened this week at $1233.60 USD, and then began the gradual decline to close at $1204.55 USD (2.4% decrease).

Platinum: Like its sister metals, platinum started the week high ($998.40 USD), and fell across the week to close down at $943.00 USD (5.6% decrease).

Palladium: Palladium opened strong at $772.45 USD, and maintained that approximate price level, but succumbed mid week to close at $748.00 USD (3.2% decrease).


Market News

Gold prices are risking their longest losing streak since November 2016.

Gold and silver investors be ready because some experts suggest that stocks may disappoint within the next 6 months.

In an odd turn of events, 915 coins were removed from a captive turtle.

Market Reports

International Trade (March 7, 8:30 AM ET): The International Trade index measures the relationship between imports and exports, and as expected, the index showed a trade deficit of $-48.5 billion, over five billion dollars more than the previous. This widening trade deficit likely reflects automotive imports and increased prices for imported oil.

EIA Petroleum Status Report (March 8, 10:30 AM ET): The EIA Status Report measures the domestic inventories of crude oil and some of its major derivatives. Crude oil inventories continued their nine week trend by increasing another 8.2 million barrels, while gasoline and distillates both decreased relative to last week.

Jobless Claims (March 9, 8:30 AM ET): This index reports the number of new claims filed for unemployment benefits. The previous week showed record lows, indeed, much lower than predicted. This week, however, showed an increase in the the number of jobless claims, higher even, than predicted (243,000).

Employment Situation (March 10, 8:30 AM ET): This report is a more holistic measure of the state of employment within the United States. It measures changes in salaries and unemployment. There were moderate expectations for changes in salaries in both the non-farm and private sectors, which were both exceeded, and the unemployment rate matched market predictions.

Upcoming Market Reports

PPI-FD (March 14,  8:30 AM ET): The Producer Price Index from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is a group of indexes that measures changes in prices of goods and services from the perspective of the seller. The entities measured include personal or private consumption, capital investment, government purchases, and exports. The PPI-FD is an important measure of inflation, and allows careful observers to predict inflationary trends.

Consumer Price Index (March 15, 8:30 AM ET): The Consumer Price Index is a measure of the change in the average price level of a fixed basket of goods, and like the PPI-FD is used as a measure of inflation. Monthly changes in the CPI represent the current rate of inflation. The previous report showed a month over month increase in inflation of 0.6%, and a year over year increase of 2.5%.

Retail Sales (March 15, 8:30 AM ET): Retail sales is a measure of the total receipts at stores that sell goods and services to the end user. A positive change in this index is, generally, a signal of economic strength. The consensus among experts is for a moderate increase in sales.

FOMC Meeting (March 15, 2:00 PM ET): The Federal Open Markets Committee meets regularly to discuss the status of the US economy, and enact policy to facilitate healthy economic growth. It is expected that the Fed will announce interest rate hikes.

Housing Starts (March 16, 8:30 AM ET): This report measures the number of permits filed for new home construction. Recently, home construction has been climbing at a double-digit pace, and growth is predicted to continue,

Jobless Claims (March 16, 8:30 AM ET): Predictions for the number of new claims for unemployment are expected to decrease slightly over last week’s report (from 243,000 to 242,000).Canadian Silver Maple

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