Daily Spot Price Update 3/24/2017

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1245.67 $1245.93 + $0.26
Silver $17.65 $17.83 + $0.18
Platinum $963.55 $968.50 + $4.95
Palladium $805.20 $814.00 + $8.80


All metals saw a slight increase on 3/24, with palladium rising the highest.

Uncertainty Among Investors

This week, investors have pulled $8.9 billion from US stock funds, which marks the biggest retreat since last summer. The stocks that soared after the election results came in are now some of the ones being hit the hardest. Additionally, the Dow, which recently hit an all-time high, lost 250 points this past week. Some industry professionals suggest that a reason for this turn of events is the current struggle in DC to pass the newly proposed healthcare bill. Many investors worry that a failure to pass a healthcare bill could delay or derail Trump’s promise of tax cuts, which was a big factor in the Wall Street rally following the election. However, it has been a good week for gold, with investors pouring $1.1 billion into gold funds this week.


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