Daily Spot Price Update 3/31/2017

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1243.24 $1250.88 + $7.64
Silver $18.14 $18.32 + $0.18
Platinum $952.85 $955.00 + $2.15
Palladium $797.00 $800.50 + $3.50


All metals saw a small increase on 3/31.

A Healthy First Economic Quarter

Major indexes are wrapping up the first quarter on a positive note. The Dow gained almost 5 percent and hit the 21,000 level for the first time. The Nasdaq is set to see a 10 percent increase, which marks its best quarter since 2013. Following the failure of the recent healthcare plan, investors and other industry professionals have had concerns about the Trump administration’s ability to push through their intended tax reform and other legislation goals. This uncertainty sent the Dow into an eight-day losing streak, but the market has since stabilized. Some strategists are predicting much higher volatility in the near future, considering our unconventional president and his rocky start in the White House.


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