Now Available: Colorized Nidhoggr Silver Round!

Following the success of Provident’s original Nordic Creatures series of silver rounds, with both proof and antique finishes, we’re unveiling all five of these beautiful designs in colorized versions. Nidhoggr is the first design in the sequential release of these vivid rounds, designed by Howard David Johnson.

Nidhoggr is known in Norse mythology as the dragon that dwells in a cavern below Yggdrasil, the World Tree, gnawing on its roots. The name Nidhoggr comes from a Viking term that refers to a loss of honor, which often correlates to villains. Therefore, the dragon called Nidhoggr is seen as a monster or beast within the Nine Worlds.

Some legends suggest that Nidhoggr is trapped by the tree’s roots to prevent the beast from escaping its cavern. Nidhoggr chews on the roots in an effort to break free. Unfortunately, Yggdrasil is subjected to great hardship from all the creatures that live in or around the tree. And since the tree is so large, Ratatoskr the squirrel runs up and down the trunk to deliver envious words between Nidhoggr and the Great Eagle that lives in the branches.

On this round’s obverse, you’ll see a proof silver Nidhoggr sitting in his brilliantly colored cavern. Yggdrasil, along with some of the animals that cause the tree distress, are seen on the shared reverse of the entire series.

The colorized field of the obverse adds striking visual appeal to the rounds without detracting from the quality and purity that Provident is known for. Each round is made of one ounce of .999 fine silver and manufactured by Anonymous Mint.

Like the previous versions, this round will come with an unique edge number to identify its place in a limited mintage of only 1,000 rounds. It comes protected inside a plastic capsule and displayed in a velour-lined coin box. A signed certificate of authenticity will accompany each round.

This round makes a fine addition to any collection of Norse mythology or legendary creatures. And it’s just the beginning of these beautifully colored designs. Get yours while supplies last!


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