Daily Spot Price Update 6/2/2017

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1263.51 $1281.73 + $18.22
Silver $17.25 $17.61 +$0.36
Platinum $935.95 $959.50 +$23.55
Palladium $830.35 $845.50 +$15.15


All metals increased significantly on 6/2.

Trump Pulls Out of the Paris Climate Deal

It was announced yesterday that Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate deal, which is an agreement between most countries to reduce carbon emissions. Trump and other critics of the deal said it would kill jobs in coal and other old school energy sectors. Supporters said the deal promoted growth for industries involved in developing clean energy like wind, solar, and natural gas. In fact, these clean energy sectors have already been outpacing coal, which has been declining for decades. Many leaders of large companies, including the CEO of Exxon, supported the deal because the world is already moving toward investing in cleaner energy sources.


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