Daily Spot Price Update 6/23/2017

Metal Open Close Change
Gold $1253.89 $1258.65 + $4.76
Silver $16.69 $16.79 +$0.10
Platinum $931.35 $931.00 $0.35
Palladium $890.50 $860.75 $29.75


Palladium saw a steep drop on 6/23, while other metals moved very little.

A Proposed Healthcare Bill

Yesterday, the Senate unveiled a new proposed healthcare bill, one which they revised after it recently passed through the House. It may undergo changes, but lawmakers are hoping to vote on it by July 4th. The proposed bill plans to make cuts to Medicaid funding, gets rid of individual and employer healthcare mandates, eliminates taxes on the wealthy and insurers, and removes the mandate that requires insurers to cover maternity care and mental health care. The bill provides income-based subsidies rather than the age-based subsidies in the House’s bill. It also retains the mandate that says insurers cannot charge more for those with pre-existing conditions.


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