Spider-Man and His Metal Suit

The long-awaited Spiderman: Homecoming will swing into movie theaters on July 7th. Everyone’s favorite webhead, played by newbie Tom Holland, is also slated to appear in the next several big ticket Marvel movies. While the general public is familiar with the hero’s iconic red and blue suit, we found another lesser-known Spidey costume to be quite interesting.

In an alternate universe within Marvel Comics, Peter Parker created a suit of Spider-Armor while attending Empire State University. This armor was first seen in Web of Spider-Man issue #100. Wearing the armor stunted the speed and agility that Peter acquired from his radioactive spider bite, but it also repelled the high-caliber firearms that were being used by the villains he faced at the time.

One of the well-known tropes of Spider-Man is that Uncle Ben is killed by a burglar shortly after Peter gains powers. This inspires him to become a superhero based on Uncle Ben’s famous saying of with great power comes great responsibility. In the alternate reality of Armored Spider-Man, Peter was able to save Uncle Ben and he later becomes wealthy and famous. In fact, his personality resembles that of Tony Stark, who is known as the superhero Iron Man.

The armored version of Spider-Man probably won’t be seen on the big screen anytime soon, but the Provident team thinks it’s pretty cool. We do love our metals!

And speaking of Spider-Man and metals, have you seen the new 1 oz Tuvalu Silver Spiderman coin? It’s sure to be a hit among comic and movie fans, and it’s available on pre-sale now!

Spider-Man is one of Marvel’s most beloved characters, spanning decades in comics, movies, and video games. Plenty of people have deep connections to this character and what he represents. What’s your favorite Spider-Man moment or memory?


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