January Giveaway: Another Year, Another Giveaway

The new year is a time of resolutions and planning for many people. Some of these resolutions may involve fitness plans or finally cleaning out that one “dump” closet in your house. But rather than focus on cutting carbs and not wasting that new gym membership, investors might use this time to reevaluate their financial strategies.

To get the most out of your investments, it’s important to ensure that they evolve as needed. Markets are in constant flux due to geopolitical and economic events. So the investing strategy you had last year might not still be working in your best interests.

With the new year just beginning, take some time to review your holdings and strategies. It could also be helpful to speak with a financial advisor. You might find that making investment adjustments could help you work towards your greater goals. While everyone’s strategies will differ, we’ve put together some investing tips to start you down the right path.

Here at Provident, we would like to help you reach your goals! Enter our giveaway by telling us one thing you’re looking forward to during 2018. Commenting below will serve as your entry for our January giveaway. But remember to keep it classy; inappropriate comments will be deleted and disqualified. Submit your comment (one comment only please) by January 21, 2018. One winner will be randomly selected on January 22, 2018 to receive a Pale Horse of Death 1 oz silver round AND 1 oz copper round from our Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse series.

Good luck and have a wonderful year!


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